Safety and Health Policies

Bionime Corporation is a professional manufacturer in blood glucose meter industry. Since its establishment, it has understood that its employees and business partners are critical to its corporate sustainable development. That is why Bionime not only follows every safety and health regulation and requirement by law, but also continuously improves its safety and health practices in product R&D, manufacturing, testing and sales processes, in order to avoid accidents, damaging of environments or equipment. It does everything it can do to prevent occupational hazards from happening and take the responsibility in protecting its employees' safety and health.




Our safety and health policies are as follows:

  1. Protecting employees' safety and health:
    This is a major responsibility and obligation for all top managements
  2. Providing safe and healthy working environments:
    Prevent any work-related unhealthy issues, disease or accidents from happening to its employees, suppliers, contractors or visitors who enter Bionime facilities.
  3. Following safety and health related regulations:
    Follow all safety and health related regulations and requirements by law and develop standards of processes for employees to follow.
  4. Continuously improving the performance on safety and health:
    Keep improving safety and health management system and its performance
  5. Building up communication access for employees:
    Encourage employees to offer constructive suggestions to build or improve the communications between top managements and employees. In addition, Bionime delivers such safety and health policies and the importance of mutual communications to its employees, suppliers, customers, contractors and stakeholders.
  6. Strengthening safety and health training:
    Hold training programs for employees, suppliers and contractors to ensure they get awareness of the safety and health policies and behave accordingly.