Privacy Policy

The official website of BIONIME is operated and managed by "BIONIME Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "the company" or "us"). In order to protect your privacy information and personal data, we are explaining the following privacy policy (Hereinafter referred to as "this policy") to you, please read and understand the content and meaning of the terms and conditions before using this website. By using this website, it is deemed that you have actually read, fully understood, and agreed to abide by every agreement and arrangement of this policy. You should understand that this policy constitutes a part of a legally binding contractual relationship between you and our company. If you disagree with any of them, you should stop using this website immediately.


If you are a minor (according to the laws of your location), in addition to your own compliance with this policy, your parent (or guardian) should also read, understand, and agree to your compliance with all the content of this policy for using or continuing to use this website; when you continue to use this website after this policy is modified or changed, it means that your parent (or guardian) and you have indeed read, understood, and agreed to comply with the modification or changes.


1.     Personal Data Collectionand Purpose

In order to provide better quality of service, including but not limited to "online contact", "product consultation", or "promotion information" and other activities, there will be a need to fill in personal information. This website may ask you to provide your name, age, gender, phone number, contact information, e-mail address and other information.

(1)  We may use your personal data to send important notices, such as messages or changes to this policy, but this does not mean that we have the obligation to notify you of various messages one by one.

(2)  Unless we obtain your consent, we will never arbitrarily sell, trade, or otherwise give your personal data to a third party. We may use your personal data for internal management purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and research, etc., to improve our company's products, services, and to promote communication with customers. And in the process of these analysis or research, we may entrust the assistance of external professional vendors. The results of the analysis or research may also be the research results of our company, and in the case of insufficient identification of your personal information, we may disclose it for use by third parties.


2.     The time frame, geographic area, and target of personal data usage:

(1)  The geographical areas where personal data is used are the domestic and foreign locations listed by the target of use. The de-identified data and analysis or research results may also be processed and used in the domestic and foreign locations listed by the target of use.

(2)  If you live in the European Union, your personal data will be stored or processed in one or more EU member states, depending on the location of our equipment or service provider. For the personal data we collect in the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, we are committed to complying with the European Union's regulations on international transmission.

(3)  According to the laws and regulations of the region, personal data of residents must be stored and processed in the region, if not, we will use  applicable laws and regulations to process your personal data.

(4)  Usage of personal data:

a.     The company may be required to disclose your personal information due to legal requirements of government agencies. This may include litigation between you and a third party or between you and the company, such as handed over to our lawyers or legal advisers. If it is based on safeguarding the lives and health of you and/or a third person, we may also submit your information to the appropriate government or rescue agency after proper evaluation.

b.    In addition, if the company undergoes reorganization, merger, business transfer, or sale, your personal data will be transferred to the relevant third party.


3.     Use of Cookies and similar technologies

When you use this service, your data may be automatically recorded on your device or browser, including but not limited to, IP address, data in cookies, software and hardware attributes, and your browsing history. This information is only used for statistical analysis of data, and does not involve your personal identification information, so as to provide the purpose of improving our products, services, and website content.


4.     Ways to exercise personal data rights:

(1)  You have the right to query or request access to your personal data, request to make copies (the company may have to charge necessary costs), request supplements or corrections, request to stop collection, processing or use, or request deletion. We will respond to your application as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the local government's personal assets protection or the regulations of a competent authority.

(2)  You can exercise the above rights by mailing the documents for the exercising of rights to your personal data to: No. 100, Section 2, Daqing Street, South District, Taichung City, 402, or by E-mail: The company will receive your request, process it as soon as possible.


5.     Information Security

The company will take necessary security measures to protect your personal data to prevent loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Although we cannot guarantee the occurrence of the above-mentioned errors or incidents, please rest assured that we will do our best to mitigate and prevent.


6.     Trademark and Copyright

BIONIME and Rightest are trademarks or registered trademarks of BIONIME. If there are no BIONIME trademark or registered trademark in this policy or other parts of this website, it is still within the scope of our company's rights or interests. It is strictly forbidden to use the BIONIME trademark without the permission of the company. If you need to use the company's trademark, you need to obtain the company's written permission in advance. And you must clearly indicate the source of the information and make a proper statement, such as "Rightest is a registered trademark of BIONIME." To obtain more detailed information, you can also contact our company to obtain the license for the use of product images, trademarks and logos.


7.     Service change, termination and notice

(1)  The company will continue to develop the services on this website. You should understand that we may update and adjust the content of the website services any time, or even restrict or restrict your use of some or all of the services without prior notice.

(2)  These terms (and any identical terms or modified terms) will continue to apply to any and all updates to this website.

(3)  We will regularly or irregularly send broadcasts or other messages to provide various services, preferential messages or other products or materials that we think may be of interest to you. You may cancel such promotional information at any time.

(4)  If there is a situation that requires notification according to relevant laws and regulations, you agree that the company can notify you by pop-up announcements, transmissions, text messages, or other methods deemed reasonable by the company on this website, by posting the announcement, the notification shall be deemed delivered. If you provide wrong or false contact information, and the company is unable to notify you based on the information, the company will not take any responsibility.

(5)  If the company suspends or terminates business for any reason, we will notify you in a reasonable way to retrieve the personal information stored on this website or the Rightest CARE platform; if you agree, we will continue to keep your personal information and delete it after fulfilling our legal obligations.


8.     Contact Information:


      BIONIME Corporation


Address: No. 100, Section 2, Daqing Street, South District, Taichung City, 402


9.     Scope of Use

This policy applies to the BIONIME global information website and other language website versions.


10. Version updates and version information

(1)  The company reserves the right to modify this policy without notice. After this policy is revised, once it is published on the BIONIME website, it will effectively replace the previous terms. We recommend that you review this privacy policy regularly. If you continue to use or access the service after the new version takes effect, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the latest version of this policy.

(2)  Effective date of this edition: April 1, 2021.