Rightest CARE Blood Sugar Management
No more logbooks.
Rightest CARE App
Glucose Management Made Simple
The CARE App provides a comprehensive solution for diabetes management in the palm of your hand. Trusted results and powerful analysis is available at your fingertips.

3Q Eco-Informatics Technology

When it comes to glucose monitoring, accurate, accessible data is what counts. Bionime’s integrated technological approach ensures seamless and secure transmission of data between users and relevant concerned parties. The Rightest CARE App holds our 3Qs central to delivering a powerful experience - Qualified Test, Qualified Data, Qualified Delivering.

We aim to make tracking blood glucose data efficient by reducing management blind spots. Safe and accurate data makes the Rightest Care App a powerful tool in making the best treatment decisions possible.


Powerful Features

    • Complete blood sugar management

      Complete Blood Sugar Management

      • View insulin records, upload photos and add carb notes
      • Add status indicators: dawn, mealtimes, bedtime, and more
      • Sync with HbA1c records from the hospital

    • Intuitive statistics dashboard

      Intuitive Statistics Dashboard

      • Indication of abnormal blood glucose changes across mealtimes
      • View your percentage of hypers and hypos
      • See average blood glucose in different status

    • Personalization


      • Customized measurement schedule
      • Set blood glucose targets

    • Vital information for physicians

      Online Service Available

      • Detailed operating guidelines
      • Frequently asked questions
      • Prompt responses from our team

    • Vital information for physicians

      Knowledge Center

      • Clear, understandable knowledge-based articles
      • Become more educated about diabetes

4D Blood Sugar Analysis

Track, store and analyse results spanning 90 days. Powerful analysis helps you understand your diabetes better.

Complete Blood Sugar Management

View your range at a glance.

  • Good
  • Hyper
  • Hypo

Labels, markers and notes make your data more useful.

  • Photo
  • Insulin
  • Exercise

Comparison Across Meals

Understand how your nutrition impacts your blood sugar.

  • More than 3.3 mmol/dL

Up to 90-day assessments of time in and out of range.

Combined view of readings for clearer comparison.