Company Profile

Company Name Bionime Corporation
Abbreviation Bionime
Stock Code 4737
Market Type Listed Company
Industry Type Biotechnology and Medical Care
Business Manufacturing and selling medical instrument, biotechnology service, examine in pharmaceuticals and selling precision instruments
Date of Establishment 2003/4/14
Date of Listing 2010/12/23
Capital NT$ 610,145,940
Chairman Roy Huang
Principal Office No. 100, Sec. 2 Daqing St., South Dist., Taichung City 40242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Stock Transfer Agent Chinatrust Commercial Bank
Certified Public Accountant KPMG
Tel 886 4 2369 2388
Fax 886 4 2261 7586


Division Functions

Division Functions
Remuneration Committee Assist the board of directors to implement and evaluate the company's overall remuneration and welfare policies, and the remuneration of directors, supervisors, and managers.
Audit Committee The Audit Committee assists the board in fulfilling its oversight of the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting, and financial control practices of the company.
CEO Office Abide by the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors, and orders from the board of directors, concerning all matters with the Company.
Audit Office Report to the Board and Administration Division to take in the extent to which the operational effectiveness and efficiency objectives have been achieved as well as the reliability of the financial statements and relevant laws and regulations to comply with the relevant internal controls. Point out internal control deficiencies and any suggestions as well as abnormal matters tracking improvement.
R&D Division Responsible for blood glucose meter, test strip software and hardware design for new product development.
Operation Division In charge of the Company’s production and outsourcing processing, and achieve the Company’s annual production plans and goals.
Sales Division In charge of the Company’s product business sales and customer service.
Administration Division Responsible for the Company’s administrative affairs, human resources management, information management, financial management and accounting.
Quality Assurance Division Independently responsible for company quality management matters.
IOT Technology Division Apply innovate software technology to build a diabetes health care Cloud system.
New Business Division Research evaluation and development design of new products.
Information Tech Division Planning and management of computer software and hardware maintenance and expansion, information security management, computer system analysis and program design maintenance and improvement, information system/network system database planning and maintenance.

Board of Directors

Director Huang,Chun-Mu

TONGHUA DONGBAO Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.

Representative: Leng, Chun-Sheng

TONGHUA DONGBAO Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.

Representative: Zhang,Wen-Hai



Director Yanben Investment Co., Ltd.
Director Baijue Investment Co., Ltd.
Independent Director


Independent Director Liu,Mei-An
Independent Director Chen,Rui-Xin
Independent Director Lai,Chun-Ling


Where can I read Bionime’s financial news?
You can visit Bionime financial news page of this website for more detailed financial news. Or visit Market Observation Post System to get latest info. If you still can’t get satisfied answer, please feel free to leave message to us. We will reply you ASAP.
How can I inquire about the stock dividends and cash dividends?
Please contact our stock transfer agent directly.
How can I contact Bionime’s stock transfer agent?
Chinatrust commercial bank
Telephone : (02)2181-1911
Address: 5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
How can I participate in Bionime’s Dividned payments?
A shareholder must own Bionime shares through the day before the ex-dividend date to be entitled to the proposed dividend payment.
What is Bionime historical dividend pay out?
Please refer to “Dividend Information”.
When is Bionime shares trade on Taiwan Stock Exchange?
Bionime shares are listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange on December 23, 2010, under TSE code “4737”.
When is Bionime 2011 annual shareholder meeting?
Bionime will hold 2011 annual shareholder meeting on June 9, 2011 in Taichung city.



Annual Report

Financial Report

Monthly Revenue



Shareholders meeting



Dividend Info.

Year Dividend in cash Dividend in stock
2023 NTD 1.99943623/per share ---
2022 NTD 2.09983423/per share ---
2021 NTD 1.99918189/per share ---
2020 NTD 2.06237678/ per share ---
2019 NTD 1.99251109/ per share ---
2018 NTD 1.998142176/ per share ---
2017 NTD 4.14/ per share ---
2016 NTD 4.13754/ per share ---
2015 NTD 2.00/ per share ---
2014 NTD 0.94 / per share ---
2013 NTD 1.7799 / per share ---
2012 NTD 0.8 / per share ---
2011 NTD 3.6 / per share ---
2010 NTD 3.0 / per share NTD 0.1 / per share
2009 NTD 3.2 / per share ---




Supplier relations
Logistics management Dept.
Joanne Chang, Manager
Customer relations
Customer service Dept.
Zoe Ho, Assistant Manager
Toll-free: 0800-371-688
Employee relations
Human resources Dept.
Sherry Huang, Sr. Assistant Manager




  • Acting spokesperson : Sherry Huang, Sr. Assistant Manager
  • e-mail :
  • Tel : 04-23692388 Ext. : 8251



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