Patented GE Lancing Device - GD500

GE Lancing Device


Designed For Comfort

Most people are put off blood glucose monitoring by the thought of painfully pricking their fingers. For that reason, designing an excellent device which reduces the pain associated with lancing was one of our primary goals. Meet the GE GD500.

pro-img/16 GD500 and lancets/01_GD500_GE.jpg
pro-img/16 GD500 and lancets/02_GD500_GE.jpg
pro-img/16 GD500 and lancets/03_GD500_GE.jpg
  • Lancet eject function

    Easy Ejection

    Safely eject used lancets without accidentally pricking yourself.

  • Multiple depths penetration

    Customizable Depth

    New design allows you to select from 7 penetration depths to suit you and your skin.

  • Convenient


    Compact, ergonomic design.

  • Less Pain Pricking

    Less Pain

    Vibration-free lancet guidance technology makes pricking almost painless.

  • Safety


    The safety tab prevents accidental activation when the cap is off.

  • 1
    Disconnect the cap from the base.
    Press down on both ends of the device and push upwards at the join using your thumbs. The device will gently pop open.
  • 2
    Remove the cap.
    Pull apart both ends to separate the cap from the hub.
  • 3
    Insert a new lancet.
    Push the lancet into the lancet holder. Make sure it is held securely in place.
  • 4
    Remove the lancet cover. Save it for later use.
    Twist off the circular protective cover to expose the needle. The cap will be needed later when disposing of the lancet.
  • 5
    Reattach the cap.
    Make sure the notch of the cap is aligned with the release button.
  • 6
    Select the penetration depth.
    Rotate the clear top part of the cap to adjust the depth. Check the number of lines visible in the viewing window. More lines corresponds to a greater depth. Try:
    • 3 lines for soft or thin skin
    • 5 lines for average skin
    • 7 lines for thick or calloused skin
  • 7
    Prime the device.
    Pull back the plunger until you hear a click. The device is now primed. Let go of the plunger. It will return to its original position.
  • 8
    Press the release button to fire the lancet.
    Place the end of the lancing device against the side of a fingertip. Press the release button. Use the acquired blood droplet for your blood glucose test.
  • 9
    Remove the cap.
    Take care not to touch the exposed needle.
  • 10
    Press the needle into the protective cover.
    Place the cover on a hard surface before you press the exposed needle into it.
  • 11
    Eject the used lancet.
    Hold down the release button and pull back the plunger to eject the lancet. Discard the lancet into a suitable biohazard container.