Summer Diabetes Tips

With summer fast upon us it’s a good moment to think about ways to consider the ways you can manage diabetes in the summer. Since people with diabetes tend to feel the heat more than your average person, it’s extra important to make sure you stay cool and stay healthy. This is true of both those with T1 and T2 diabetes since both types cause some changes in the body that affect your sweat glands with the result that you can’t cool down as effectively. It’s also easier to get dehydrated if you have diabetes. If you don't drink enough liquids then your blood glucose will increase too. But high blood glucose can contribute to increased urination which leaves you even more dehydrated. The high summer temperatures may also affect how your body uses insulin. It’s important to pay attention to your insulin dosages and test your blood glucose often.

Hot Weather Tips!
1. Drink plenty of water and drink often.
2. Check your blood glucose level often.
3. Stick to the shade when outside at the hottest times of day.
4. If you want to exercise outside, do it early or late in the day when it’s cooler. Otherwise consider going somewhere indoors like an air-conditioned gym.
5. Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing.
6. Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn. If you do get burnt, make sure to apply lots of moisturization for the next few days.
7. Wear shoes or sandals all the time to protect your feet. People with diabetes take longer to heal from cuts and scrapes.
8. Consult a doctor if you find yourself suffering from a heat-related illness.

Will my meter or test strips be affected by the hot weather?

Test strips can be stored in temperatures between 4 and 30°C and do not need to be refrigerated. If you are in an extremely hot location, make sure to store the strips in a cool place.

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