Lower diabetes risk by losing weight

Being overweight is among the most significant risk factors for diabetes. While that can sound worrying, it also means that if you can successfully get down to a healthy weight then you can know you’ve dramatically reduced your risk of diabetes. Not only that, you’re bound to encounter additional benefits that come with your improved health.

This is important at any age. A Danish study in 2018 investigated the impact of being overweight at a young age on diabetes risk [1]. 62,565 men, whose height and weight had been measured at age 7, 13 and in early adulthood (from 17 to 26) were involved.

Results showed that for those men who had been overweight at age 7 but had returned to a healthy weight before age 13, their type 2 diabetes risk in adulthood (age 30 to 60) was similar to that of men who had never been overweight.

Those who had been overweight at age 7 and 13 and then later reduced their weight prior to early adulthood had a higher risk. However, this group also had a lower risk than those men who had been persistently overweight.

The study concluded that being overweight form age 7 through puberty and beyond was associated with increased risk. This only adds support to the idea that losing weight, and then maintaining a healthy weight, is an excellent way to manage type 2 diabetes risk. It’s important at any age.

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Source | [1] – L. G. Bjerregaard et al., New England Journal of Medicine 2018;378:1302-12 | Available online 5 April 2018

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