What is a low glycemic index food?

low GI food

GI stands for Glycemic Index. It’s a score between 0 and 100 detailing how fast blood sugar tends to rise when this food is consumed. Essentially, the higher the GI, the quicker and higher blood sugar will jump. This means foods with a higher carbohydrate and sugar content usually have a higher GI, while foods that take longer to absorb will have a lower GI. However, a low GI doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is high in nutrients. A balanced, nutritious diet remains vital. To that end, the Glycemic Index is best seen as a useful tool rather than the ultimate diet-determining factor.

Foods that have a GI value ≤ 55 are classified as low GI foods. Foods with a GI value ≥ 70 are classified as high GI foods. Foods with a GI value from 56 to 69 are considered Medium GI foods. Sticking to low GI foods can help to prevent spikes in blood sugar.

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