How to test your blood glucose

  1. Please wash your hands with soap and then dry your hands before testing. 
  2. Install the lancet into the lancing device and adjust until the appropriate depth is reached. 
  3. Take one strip from the vial and re-cap the vial immediately, then use three fingers to insert the test strips into the blood glucose meter.
  4. Push the blood to your fingertips and use alcohol to disinfect the blood collection site (the sides of the finger). Wait for the alcohol to dry.
  5. Hold the lancing device against the blood collection site and then press the release button. Blood is pushed from the palm to the collection site.
  6. When the blood drop icon appears on the meter screen, apply a sufficient amount of blood sample to the strip. Remove the blood sample after hearing the ‘beep’.
  7. Wait for 5 seconds and your blood glucose value will appear.
  8. Remove and discard the test strip and the used lancet. 
For more information, please refer to the Glucose Meter Instructional Video or the User's Manual.

blood glucose testing

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