Plan ahead for a happy, healthy holiday

The festive season is a time when friends and family gather together to celebrate often with a feast of delicious food. However, during these times people tend to consume vastly more calories and eating foods heavy in fat and carbohydrates. Studies have shown that during the holiday season people put on an average of one pound of bodyweight; this extra weight is not lost even after the holidays are over. People with diabetes are advised to plan ahead so they can enjoy the holidays without compromising their blood glucose level.

Below is some dietary advice for the holidays:

  1. Choose healthy meals. Include low-calorie and low-fat dishes, such as:
    • Sautéed vegetables
    • Salad with low fat or low-calorie dressing. Some Japanese dressings fit the bill!
    • Eat fruit for dessert
    • Tea or diluted juice instead of sugar-heavy beverages
  2. Cook foods with healthy diet principles in mind:
    • Use healthy oil products (olive or canola oil are good)
    • Cut off visible fatty parts
    • Use low-fat ingredients like pork loin or chicken breast
    • Choose whole grains like brown rice and wholemeal bread over refined grains like white rice and white bread
    • Avoid foods high in sodium (watch out for this in canned goods and preserved foods)
  3. Choose an appropriate restaurant.
    • Browse the restaurant menu online and put some thought into the dishes you order.
  4. Maintain a regular exercise routine.
    • Remember to exercise regularly even during the holiday season. Keeping fit is important for weight management, especially since your food intake will likely be higher than normal.
 Have a happy healthy holiday-Planning ahead

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