Principles of healthy diets

People with diabetes are recommended to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. It is best to start with choosing healthy ingredients which ensure that you obtain the various nutrients you need. Avoid skipping or excessively delaying any of your three meals; instead eat at regular times. Don’t eat too much or too little in one sitting. Consider adjusting your cooking methods to keep your meals low in fat, sugar and salt. You can also make a diet plan with the help of a healthcare professional to control your blood glucose levels. The keys in good diabetes management are good diet and exercise. Diabetes doesn’t mean you need to give up on eating the things you find delicious. However, you need to control your diet and be aware of much sugar you consume. It’s also important to take any medication on time and exercise, sleep well, and avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking.
Personalized diet plans should be based on the physical activities, metabolism, and treatment needs of each patient. If you have any problems regarding your diet plans, please consult a dietitian.

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