Error code troubleshooting

Code Message Problem Troubleshooting
Er1 The inserted test strip has been used or damaged. Use a new test strip.
Er2 The meter has malfunctioned. Do a quality control test or replace the batteries and check if the meter works properly.
Er3 Signal transmission is disrupted. Repeat the test using a new test strip.
Er4 The blood sample applied is too small. Repeat the test using a new test strip.
Er5 An issue has occurred calibrating the meter. Follow these steps:
  1. Remove the test strip from the meter. 
  2. Turn off the meter (press and hold the main button for 3 seconds).
  3. Press the main button to turn on the meter again.
Blood glucose level < 10mg/dL (0.6mmol/L) Blood glucose level is low. Repeat the test to confirm and ingest some carbohydrates to treat hypoglycemia.
Blood glucose level > 600mg/dL (33.3mmol/L) Blood glucose level is high. Repeat the test and contact your healthcare professional./td>

If your meter still does not work, please contact Bionime Customer Service.

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