What to do if you have a cold

Some people find it more difficult to manage their diabetes during the winter months. As the weather gets colder they find they have a higher appetite end up eating more.

On top of that, you’re more likely to catch a cold (It’s not called a cold for nothing!).

Blood glucose levels fluctuate when you have a cold. Your body releases hormones that help it fight off the infection. However, these hormones could make your blood glucose level go up very high. On the other hand, if you lose your appetite because of feeling under the weather, you could be at risk of hypoglycemia. Therefore, you should check your blood glucose often.

Overall when you are sick with a cold it is very important that you check your blood glucose level often, drink more water and gets lots of rest. If you have poor appetite it is important to consume something, even something simple like milk or noodles. Be sure to contact your doctor if your symptoms worsen.


Source | WebMD.com

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