Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a sign of aging that is becoming more common as cities develop and more noises appear in daily life. With the widespread use of electronic devices and earphones, hearing loss is no longer a problem only for the elderly. However, studies have shown that people with diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss as the non-diabetic population. Meanwhile, people with prediabetes in America show a 30% increase in hearing loss compared to people with normal blood sugar. The relationship between diabetes and hearing loss is still unclear. One theory is that elevated blood sugar causes changes to the capillaries of the inner ear which leads to hearing loss. However, the detailed mechanisms are not yet known.

Hearing loss is often ignored due to its slow progression and difficultly in detecting changes. Watch out for the tips below to help you notice hearing loss:

  1. Are you frequently asking for others to repeat themselves?
  2. Do you often find yourself thinking others are mumbling?
  3. Is it particularly difficult to hear the voices of women and children?
  4. Is the television volume is always loud to the point of disturbing others?

If your answer to any of the above is "Yes" you may have some hearing loss. Get in touch with your doctor if you suspect you have hearing loss.

hearing loss

Source | American Diabetes Association

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