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Good Bye Log Book,
Say Hello to CARE App!

The CARE App provides users with a brilliant solution for personal diabetes management.It helps you to easily keep your blood glucose fully on track at your fingertips.

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    • Complete blood sugar management

      Complete blood sugar management

      .Insulin records, photos upload, and carbs notes, etc.
      .Status indicators (i.e. dawn, before/after meals, bed time, etc.)
      .Synchronous HbA1c record from hospital.

    • Intuitive statistics dashboard

      Intuitive statistics dashboard

      .Indication of abnormal blood glucose change of before and after meals.
      .Percentage of hypers and hypos.
      .Average of blood glucose in different status.

    • Personalization


      .Customized schedule of measurement.
      .Targets of blood glucose settings.
      .Personalized daily schedule.

    • Vital information for physicians

      Online Service Available

      .Detailed operating guideline.
      .Frequently asked questions.
      .Prompt response for trouble shooting.

    • Vital information for physicians

      Knowledge Center

      .Comprehensible knowledge-based articles.
      .Correct concept of diabetes education.

Complete blood sugar management

Mark the measured state:
Wake up, Before/ After meals and bedtime.

  • Good
  • Hyper
  • Hypo

Describe Your Moment

  • Photo
  • Insulin
  • Exercise

Between-meal Patterns

  • More than 3.3 mmol/L
  • Less than 1.7 mmol/L

Glucose Variability

  • Good
  • Hyper
  • Hypo

Targets & Fluctuation

Enabling Personalized Treatment by Lifestyle

Blood glucose goal range, weekly testing calendar, daily schedule ...etc

Reminder to Measurement

Helpful reminder for the next blood glucose measurement.

Online service available!

*Available on particular regions

With Rightest Bluetooth glucometer

Manage blood glucose and maintain health easily

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Rightest CARE App

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