Time and frequency of blood glucose monitoring

When to monitor your blood sugar? (As advised by American Diabetes Association)

Multiple-dose insulin or insulin pump therapy is recommended to test your blood sugar levels prior to a meal, prior to a snack, and before bedtime. You are also recommended to test your blood sugar levels occasionally after a meal or before exercise. If hypoglycemia is suspected, patients should keep monitoring their blood glucose levels during the whole treatment until the blood glucose levels return to normal. In addition, the blood glucose level must be tested before critical tasks such as driving .

blood glucose testing

Frequency of blood glucose monitoring
The American Diabetes Association recommends: People with type 1 diabetes should test their blood glucose at least three times a day. Patients with type 2 diabetes who are treated with insulin can test their blood glucose levels on the basis of the frequency of receiving insulin injections and the controlling goals.
Source: American Diabetes Association

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