GE GlucoCapture Alpha

GE GlucoCapture


Reliably Accurate

Features proprietary auto-coding technology, read-in-the-dark display, and other advanced functions, the GM550 provides users with accurate proven results and a hassle-free experience for optimal diabetes management.

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  • Quick result

    Quick result

    Accurate measurements in 5 seconds.

  • Tiny blood sample required

    Tiny blood sample required

    Only 0.75 microliters (0.00075c.c.) of blood sample required.

  • Auto coding

    Auto coding

    Eliminates the needs for manual coding and delivers better accuracy than no coding.

  • Backlight

    Backlit Screen

    Allows testing in the dark.

  • Easy-to-read display

    Easy-to-read display

    Large display and text is easy to read.

  • PC linkage

    PC linkage

    Data transmission via PC linkage makes blood glucose control easier.

  • 1
    Insert the strip in the socket of the meter, which will do calibration automatically.
  • 2
    Place blood sample against the sample entry of strip.
  • 3
    After 5 seconds, the test result appears.
  • 4
    Rotate and pull up the test strip.
Test strip Alpha
Coding Auto coding calibration
Enzyme / Measurement technology GOD / Electrochemical sensor
Blood sample source Capillary whole blood
Minimum sample volume 0.75 microliters  (0.00075c.c.)
HCT range 30 - 57%
Measuring range 10 - 600mg/dL (0.6 - 33.3 mmol/L)
Meter dimensions (L x W x H) 90.6 x 46.0 x 16.5 mm (3.56 x 1.81 x 0.64 inch)
Display area (L x W) 46.6 x 33 mm (1.83 x 1.32 inch)
Weight (with battery) 53.0 ± 5 g
Power supply 2 CR2032 batteries
Memory capacity 500 blood glucose test results with date and time
Operating temperature 10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)
Operating relative humidity 10 - 90%
Meter storage conditions -10 - 60°C (14 - 140°F)
Test strip storage conditions 4 - 30°C (39 - 86°F), < 90% relative humidity
Accuracy 95% of the measured glucose values shall fall within either
Glucose concentrations < 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), difference within ± 0.83mmol/L (15mg/dL)
Glucose concentrations ≥ 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), bias within ± 15%
Precision Glucose concentrations < 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), SD < 0.28mmol/L (5mg/dL)
Glucose concentrations ≥ 5.5mmol/L (100mg/dL), CV < 5%

Fully comply with ISO 15197:2013 (For other received credentials, please contact us.)